Golden Line s.r.o.

is a leading Czech manufacturer of decorative cosmetic products.

We in particular specialise in wet and dry terracotta products baked on a ceramic plate: eyeshadows, blushers and powders – in various shapes, colours or colour combinations and sizes.


Powder balls are another separate range of products we manufacture.

Our other products include lip balms in a myriad of shapes, scents and colours, lipsticks, lip glosses and nail varnishes.


It goes without saying that we use high quality raw materials and that we are particular about our operational hygiene and professional inspection of our products.

We are currently focusing on particular on our private label range, in terms of which we arrange everything from manufacturing and delivery of the bare product, right through to provision of the complete product as a whole – including the pack, graphic design, professional packaging and distribution – all tailored to suit client requirements.


Our developers are constantly preparing new products in line with the current trends and demands.

Thanks to our dynamic and professional team, we are able to flexibly react to the client’s requirement and demands. We have behind us more than 20 years of experience and over that time we have been able to expand distribution of our products to various corners of the world and are ready to continue in this trend.


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